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Our elite team of academic writers can help find a PROMISING RESEARCH GAP, conduct a CRITICAL LITERATURE REVIEW, develop appropriate RESEARCH DESIGN, ANALYZE the collected data using tools such as SPSS or NViVo and DISCUSS RESULTS to best ADDRESS THE RESEARCH QUESTIONS.


Our team of highly qualified writers (i.e. PROFESSORS & LECTURERS from esteemed BRITISH UNIVERSITIES) will deliver you the best academic editing and writing services, thereby enabling you to fulfill your career dreams. We offer finest quality editing and writing services for PhD Thesis, dissertations, assignments and coursework to students from various UK, Irish & Australian universities.


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Owing to our elite team of academic writers (i.e. UK University Professors, Sr. Lecturers and Lecturers) and our ability to produce high quality academic drafts within the agreed deadlines, we have been the ultimate choice for PhD and Master-level students from a number of countries, including the United Kingdom, Australia, Ireland, Germany, Dubai, Canada and United States of America, for close to a decade now. Please take a look at our wide range of academic services that have helped our clients achieve great deal of academic success as PhD Researchers and Postgraduate students.


If you’re someone who is looking to be enrolled on a PhD Programme of your choice, you would definitely need to submit a PhD Research Proposal. Get in touch with us today so as to order a research topic and a non-plagiarzed PhD Research Proposal (on the chosen topic) that promises originality and is capable of making significant contribution to the existing body of knowledge.



Whether it is reviewing most recent literature around your research topic in a critical manner or developing the most appropriate research design in line with Sauders’ Research Onion or analyzing the collected data with the help of research tools (e.g. IBM SPSS and NVivo) or discussing results that link back to the literature and research questions in a precise manner or writing an engaging abstract, introduction and conclusion, our writers (i.e. Professors and Sr. Lectuers) can help you with every aspect of your PhD Research in the best possible manner.



If you’re someone who is conducting primary research and is looking for help with regard to analysis of the collected quantitative or qualitative data using specific data analysis software such as SPSS, SAS, R, MATLAB, NVivo, Atlas Ti, we can surely assist you with digging into the dataset to derive meaningful interpretations for your academic research.



We have helped a number of postgraudate students score ‘Merit’ or ‘Distinction’ by drafting thoroughly-researched dissertations in the past. We can help you choose a topic of your interest. Thereafter, we help you draft a research proposal for submission to the university. If you need our help with filling out the ethics approval form, we can do so as well. After your ethics form and research proposal have been approved by your university and supervisor, we go about writing all the relevant chapters of your dissertation in line with the university guidelines. So, what are you waiting for? Order you dissertation today.



Although we encourage students to write the assignments and coursework on their own as it helps develop academic writing skill in the long run, yet there are certain assignments that are difficult to work on. In order to help our clients get overall excellent grades, we do work on assignments and coursework. If you are struggling with any assignment or coursework, get in touch with us to have it written by none other than a UK University Lecturer or Sr. Lecturer. Note: Our professors do not work on assignments or coursework.



Do you need a research poster to be able to present your research plan in a crystal and clear manner to your audience at any national or international conference? Do you need any research paper to be written with an intention of having it published in any reputed journal as a PhD Researcher? Have you been asked to prepare any PowerPoint presentation and you need help with the same? Don’t worry. Our experts are here to assist you with all such miscellaneous requests. Please note that price of such miscellaneous requests is quoted separately after determining the volume of required work.


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At present, we have close to 78 UK University Professors, Sr. Lecturers and Lecturers on board.

So far, we have catered to the academic writing and editing needs of more than 2500 PhD and Master-level students who happily boast of 100% success rate as academic researchers now.

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شركة (UK Dissertation Writers ) هى شركة جيدة جدا . لقد ساعدتنى هذه الشركة كثيرا للحصول على درجات جيدة . لذلك اود ان اشكر هذه الشركة والاستاذ الجامعى الرائع هناك على مساعدتى فى مهامى و رسالتى العلمية .

“UK Dissertation Writers is a very good academic service provider that has helped me get such good marks. I would like to thank this organisation and its wonderful professor for helping me with all my assignments and dissertation.

Anonymous Student
MSc Operational Research And
  Performance Management – Aston University

Usually, each statistical analysis method comes with certain assumptions that must be met. These assumptions have to be tested and met before the actual analysis can be run. Unfortunately, I was stuck in a precarious situation where my dataset did not meet certain crucial assumptions. I was getting desparate about how to fix the issue as the scheduled meeting with PhD Supervisor was approaching fast. Fortunately, one of my friends referred me to UK Dissertation Writers and this organisation turned out to be a savior. The only downside is that they are immensely expensive. But, quality of my PhD Thesis was more important than anything else and I would recommend this website to anyone who is not short of funds.

Anonymous Student
PhD in Marketing – La Trobe University

لقد كان هذا الاستاذ مصدر الالهام لى فى رسالتى العلمية والذى ساعدنى على التميز فى رسالتى.

“This professor was just like a source of inspiration to me who helped me get distinction in my dissertation.”

Anonymous Student
MBA – University of Southampton

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