If you have landed on this page, it is highly likely that you have already gathered primary research data from the target respondents, and that you are now looking for assistance with PhD data analysis to derive meaningful insights (using appropriate software package/s) that, in turn, will help fill the research gap by duly answering the research questions of your PhD thesis or dissertation.

In case you have not dealt with large datasets in the past or statistics is your bugbear or you are unfamiliar with how to use a particular software package to analyse the collected data, it could be extremely difficult for you to engage in PhD data analysis and hence, report the findings of your PhD study using appropriate figures, such as diagrams, graphs, tables and photographs.

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This is where we step in. Our team consisting of native English-speaking data analysts (i.e. UK-university senior lecturers and professors) has years of experience analysing large volume of both quantitative and qualitative datasets with the help of the following software packages and thus can extend you the support you need with regard to your PhD data analysis requirements.

Our data analysis experts work in a very structured manner and go to great lengths to get you accurate predictions or outcomes.

In the case of quantitative data analysis, the very first thing our respected data analysts do is convert the raw data into something meaningful by performing data validation, data editing and data coding. This step is a precursor to a comprehensive analysis of the collected data.

Once the duly validated, edited and coded primary data is ready for being analysed, our data scientists go on to either carry out descriptive analysis or inferential analysis or both depending on the scope of your PhD thesis and its research questions.

While descriptive analysis is fairly simple, our data experts go through the rigorous process of testing the assumptions (e.g. normality, linearity and equality of variance) of the statistical analysis method that is to be used when conducting the inferential analysis. Only after the assumptions of a particular statistical analysis method are duly satisfied, do our data analysts use the method to run the analysis.

In case the dataset does not meet any or all of the crucial assumptions, the predictions will most likely be inaccurate. Hence, our reputed analysts go to the extent of transforming the data so that it could fit the assumptions before performing the actual analysis with the help of a specific method, such as MANOVA or ANOVA or regression.

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As for qualitative data analysis, our reputed data experts familiarise themselves with the collected data first. Thereafter, they get on with coding it. Afterwards, they search for themes and then review those before defining and naming them.

The long and short of everything is that we excel at analysing both quantitative data and qualitative data, and you should look no further than our team of PhD-dedicated data analysts if you wish to avoid major corrections to your PhD thesis or dissertation later on.

What will you receive when you place an order for getting your data analysed by our PhD data analysis experts?

  • A data analysis plan (in case you have not yet talked about it in the ‘Methodology’ chapter)
  • Output files
  • Appropriate figures (e.g. diagrams, graphs, tables and photographs) to present the outcome of data analysis
  • A summary of the work that has been done to produce the output files along with any recommendation or any major concern
  • A file with coding thoughts for analysis displaying sections, such as ‘Issues to consider’, ‘Observations’ and ‘Potential initial themes’

Why choose us for your PhD data analysis needs?

Because your data analysis documents will be:

  1. Produced to the highest PhD standards by a native English-speaking faculty member (i.e. a UK-university senior lecturer or a professor) with specialisation in your field of study and software package (applicable to your research)
  2. Matched to the initial brief or instructions meticulously
  3. Delivered on or before the agreed deadline
  4. Kept strictly private and confidential
  5. Amended for free (please check out our amendment rules in detail)

What types of documents can you use this service for?

  1. PhD Theses
  2. PhD Dissertations

Placing your order with us is quite simple and easy. Simply fill out the contact form on our website or write to us at with all the instructions, relevant research documents and data files. Once we have estimated the volume of your data analysis work, we will give you a price quotation along with a deadline. After we have mutually agreed to the scope of work, price and deadline, we will have our finance team issue you an invoice. As soon as the invoice is fully paid-off, your work will be assigned to either a senior lecturer or a professor (depending on your choice). In the end, the results of data analysis will be shared with you as soon as the job is done.

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