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If you are a PhD student who is looking to join a college or university as a post-doctoral fellow or a teacher after graduation, you must understand that competition for jobs in academia is very intense and hence, simply graduating with an excellent PhD thesis or dissertation would not be sufficient to make you stand out in the crowd as a potential job candidate. In order to make your curriculum vitae or resume shine to such an extent that it gives you a competitive advantage and captures the attention of the employers in academia, you may want to go above and beyond what is normally required from a PhD student by engaging in PhD research publication before your graduation.

Yes, you got it right. Simply engaging in endless piles of reading or shouldering student teaching responsibilities or constantly writing up and editing your PhD thesis is not enough to be considered for future job opportunities in academia. You will definitely have to get your research work published while you are still in your graduate school in order to stand out in the crowd.

Publishing your first research paper as a PhD student may be quite overwhelming or even intimidating because of many reasons ranging from ‘unfamiliarity with the specific language used in published papers’ to ‘lack of time and knowledge to draft the paper and address the massive feedback shared by an academic journal of interest adequately’ to ‘fierce competition among authors’.

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This is where we come to your rescue.

Our elite team of academic writers, editors and proofreaders consisting of native English-speaking faculty members (i.e. UK-university lecturer, senior lecturers and professors) has worked on numerous research publishing projects (including their own) in the past and knows exactly what it takes to get a piece of research work published.

Below is just a sample of academic journals in which our clients have been published.

BMJ Journals

British Medical Journal
British Journal of Ophthalmology
British Journal of Sports Medicine
Dental Materials
Information and Management
Journal of Operations Management

Taylor and Francis

Advances in Regenerative Biology
Annals of Human Biology
Journal of Aesthetics and Culture
Early Child Development and Care
Ethics and Global Politics
European Journal of Sports Science
Food and Nutrition Research
Research in Learning Technology
Medical Education Online


British Educational Research Journal
Decision Sciences
Production and Operations Management
R&D Management


AIMS Neuroscience
AIMS Public Health

Wolters Kluwer

Clinical Journal of Sports Medicine
Journal of Business Ethics

Whether you need assistance with writing a journal article or any other piece of research work in line with the guidelines shared by the publisher or you need an English expert in your field of study to edit the already-written draft in accordance with the publisher’s feedback or you simply need the final draft to be duly proofread before its publication, we can help you with it all.

What types of services are available for PhD publication?

  1. Academic writing service
  2. Academic editing service
  3. Academic proofreading service

What types of documents can you use PhD research publication service for?

  1. Journal Articles
  2. Conference Papers
  3. Books
  4. PhD Thesis
  5. PhD Dissertation
  6. Research Findings
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What subjects can you use our PhD research publication service for?

  1. Social science subjects (Particularly ‘Business and Management’ subjects, and ‘Education and Language Teaching’ subjects)
    • Business and Management subjects (e.g. Global Business, Business Administration, Management, Operations Management, Marketing, Project Management, Economics, Strategy and Innovation, Organisational Leadership, Finance)
    • Education and Language Teaching subjects (e.g. Linguistics, Teacher Education, Language Teaching/Learning, TESOL, TEFL, TESL)
  2. Medical Science, Health Science and Social Care subjects (e.g. Public Health, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Pharmacology, Neuroscience, Nursing, Midwifery)

What will you receive?

A draft that is:

  1. Written or edited or proofread for publication by a native English-speaking faculty member (i.e. a UK-university senior lecturer or a professor) with specialisation in your field of study
  2. Supported with recent and authentic references sourced from well-recognised databases, e.g. Business Source Premier, Emerald, IBIS World, Nexis UK and Web of knowledge (applies to only academic writing and academic editing)
  3. Formatted per the style guide suggested by the publisher
  4. Matched to the manuscript submission guidelines
  5. Free from all errors related to spelling, grammar, syntax and repetition
  6. Delivered on or before the agreed deadline
  7. Kept strictly private and confidential
  8. Amended for free (please check out our amendment rules in detail)

PhD research publication help is just a few clicks away. Simply write to us with your requirements via email at or the contact form on our website, and let us help you get published before you graduate.

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