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Writing a PhD thesis can be a daunting task, especially when English is not your first language and you are fairly new to the field of academic writing. It takes years of learning and practice to become an adept academic writer. Hence, you would most likely see your drafts being returned for revision by your supervisor over and over. So, the act of engaging in PhD thesis editing should be accepted as part and parcel of your PhD journey and that it must not make you feel demotivated or depressed at any given point in time.

Being new to the field of academic writing, international PhD students often struggle with the idea of engaging in critical reading. They do not understand what it means to summarize and synthesize various sources of published literature (relevant to the PhD topic). On several occasions, these students unknowingly commit the act of plagiarism when writing up various chapters of their PhD thesis or dissertation by not giving due credit to the original author in the form of in-text citations. If they are engaging in academic research for the first time in their lives, they find it hard to work on supervisor’s feedback related to research aims and objectives, research gap, research questions, hypotheses and what not.

When it comes to writing up one of the most feared chapters of PhD thesis or dissertation (i.e. the Methodology chapter), the international PhD researchers cannot get their heads around methodological concepts such as Epistemology, Ontology, Positivism, Realism, Interpretivism, Deductive research, Inductive research, Longitudinal and Cross-sectional. Supervisors or advisors of such PhD students often return the draft for ‘Methodology’ chapter with lengthy requirements for editing or revision. The ordeal of international PhD students does not end here though.

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When these students submit ‘Results’ chapter for being reviewed, they are often advised by their supervisors to work on their presentation skills as they find it hard to use appropriate tables, charts and graphs to present the collected data in a way that offers clear, concise and actionable insights around research questions. If not done correctly, this chapter may need to be revised several times before a student can be allowed to move on to discuss the results.

Often do we see international PhD students confused between ‘Results’ chapter and ‘Discussion’ chapter. Owing to the confusion, they simply paraphrase the content of the ‘Results’ chapter and put it into the ‘Discussion’ chapter. They do not understand that results of the collected data must be discussed in the context of research questions and literature review. Because of their lack of understanding, they end up getting request/s from their supervisor for massive correction in ‘Discussion’ chapter as well.

Likewise, minor or major corrections can be requested by the PhD supervisors when it comes to ‘Conclusion’, ‘Introduction’, ‘Abstract’, ‘Reference list or Bibliography’ or ‘Appendices’ of your PhD thesis.

In order to deal with such complex revision requests and complete your PhD quicker, you need help from an expert in your subject area.

You can showcase your academic abilities to your peers and supervisor, and save time for non-academic commitments using our excellent academic editing service. Our elite team of academic editors comprises of native English speakers who are, in addition to working with ‘UK Dissertation Writers’, employed by reputed UK universities as senior lecturers and professors in a number of faculties, and can provide the much-needed academic editing support you need for your PhD thesis or dissertation on any given day.

What types of academic editing service can you use and what will you receive?

1. Copy editing

In addition to proofreading and basic style formatting, this service offers improvements to language, syntax, flow, diction and clarity of your PhD thesis. You can use it for a well-written PhD thesis that requires minimal changes and is probably 1-2 drafts away from its final version.

2. Line editing

Mostly used for rough PhD thesis drafts, this service offers enhanced phrasing, transition and scholarly tone in addition to everything that is covered in ‘Copy-editing’ service.

3. Heavy developmental editing

Ideal for doctoral students whose first language is not English, this type of editing service provides a great deal of assistance with:

  • Organising and structuring arguments
  • Addressing the supervisor’s feedback
  • Rephrasing and reformulating sentences and paragraphs for coherence, clarity and scholarly tone

What chapters of PhD thesis or dissertation can you use our editing service for?

  1. Abstract
  2. Introduction
  3. Literature Review
  4. Methodology
  5. Results
  6. Discussion
  7. Conclusion
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What subjects can you use our PhD thesis editing service for?

  1. Social science subjects (Particularly ‘Business and Management’ subjects, and ‘Education and Language Teaching’ subjects)
    • Business and Management subjects (e.g. Global Business, Business Administration, Management, Operations Management, Marketing, Project Management, Economics, Strategy and Innovation, Organisational Leadership, Finance)
    • Education and Language Teaching subjects (e.g. Linguistics, Teacher Education, Language Teaching/Learning, TESOL, TEFL, TESL)
  2. Medical Science, Health Science and Social Care subjects (e.g. Public Health, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Pharmacology, Neuroscience, Nursing, Midwifery)

What benefits will you get when placing your PhD editing order with us?

The final document will be:

  1. Edited to the highest PhD standards by a native English-speaking faculty member (i.e. a UK-university senior lecturer or a professor) with specialisation in your field of study
  2. Matched to the initial brief or instructions meticulously
  3. Delivered on or before the agreed deadline
  4. Kept strictly private and confidential
  5. Amended for free (please check out our amendment rules in detail)

Leave all your PhD editing worries to us by placing your order today. Remember that help is just a few clicks away! Please feel free send us your detailed PhD thesis editing requirements via our contact form or email at

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