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Are you a PhD researcher whose first language is not English and who finds it difficult to write it in a way that is acceptable in academia? Has your supervisor noticed language, fluency and formatting issues in your PhD thesis draft and as a result, asked you to engage in thorough PhD thesis proofreading before its final submission? If yes, you must engage an outside English expert in your field of study to go over your entire work.

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This is where we step in. Our team of native English-speaking proofreaders, who have worked on countless PhD thesis proofreading projects (including their own) in academia, will ensure that all the language and formatting issues that you have missed are duly identified and fully corrected so as to make your final work shine.

Being the world’s most popular PhD thesis proofreading service provider, we offer our PhD clients comprehensive writing check-up service which makes sure that your entire draft reads like that of a native English speaker and allows you to graduate with confidence.  

PhD thesis proofreading may sound like a piece of cake to many. However, it is not. It could take 40 hours or more to proofread an 80,000-word PhD dissertation draft. A proofreading expert has to go through your entire draft and check for any of up to 100 common language, fluency and grammar problems before marking your project as ‘Completed’.

When you get the duly-proofread PhD thesis draft back, you will realise that all of the long and hard-to-read paragraphs now flow smoothly from beginning till the end and that presentation of your research ideas now seems to be clear and fluent. Needless to say that your draft will be free from all the issues related to grammar, syntax, repetition and spelling.

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What subjects can you use our PhD thesis proofreading service for?

  1. Social science subjects (Particularly ‘Business and Management’ subjects, and ‘Education and Language Teaching’ subjects)
    • Business and Management subjects (e.g. Global Business, Business Administration, Management, Operations Management, Marketing, Project Management, Economics, Strategy and Innovation, Organisational Leadership, Finance)
    • Education and Language Teaching subjects (e.g. Linguistics, Teacher Education, Language Teaching/Learning, TESOL, TEFL, TESL)
  2. Medical Science, Health Science and Social Care subjects (e.g. Public Health, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Pharmacology, Neuroscience, Nursing, Midwifery)

What will you get when you have your PhD thesis proofread by us?

A final draft that is:

  1. Duly proofread by a PhD-dedicated native English speaker with specialisation in your field of study
  2. Free from all the issues related to grammar, syntax, repetition and spelling
  3. Formatted in accordance with the referencing style guide of your choice and your chosen type of English (e.g. British English, American English or Australian English)
  4. Completely transparent as it gives you the ability to track all the changes that have been incorporated into the same
  5. Delivered on or before the agreed deadline
  6. Kept strictly private and confidential
  7. Amended for free (please check out our amendment rules in detail)

What types of documents can you use this proofreading service for?

  1. PhD Theses
  2. PhD Dissertations

We have seen many PhD students facing months of corrections because of poor-quality written work despite possessing excellent knowledge in their respective fields of study. Language errors can inflict a great deal of damage on your credibility as a researcher and can also significantly play down the importance of all the hard work, time, money and effort you have put into your PhD thesis or dissertation. Our PhD-dedicated proofreading service is an investment you will not regret in the long term for sure.

Get us involved in proofreading your PhD thesis or dissertation by placing your order with us today. Send us your instructions via email at or contact form on our website.

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