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Review 1

Client Testimonial - Review 1 - UK Dissertation Writers

I was seeking admission into a PhD programme (offering specialisation in Linguistics) at a UK-based university. As part of the admission process, I identified and contacted a supervisor that had an interest in the area I wanted to pursue my research in. After a brief discussion with the supervisor about my research interest, I was asked to submit a research proposal along with the application form and copies of other documents, such as personal statement and CV.

Being an ESL student, I drafted a personal statement and CV on my own. However, I was not very confident that the content of the documents would be acceptable to the supervisor of my interest.

As for research proposal, I had a rough idea about what to write, but I was struggling with a number of issues ranging from ‘my inability to say everything about my research in just 1500 words’ to ‘originality of research idea’ to ‘my incapability to provide arguments for significant contributions that my research will make to the existing body of knowledge’ to ‘lack of clarity in research questions’. So, I needed help with editing and drafting the admission documents badly.

Through a member of SaudiUK, I got to know about ‘UK Dissertation Writers’ where one could hire a native English-speaking faculty member (from a reputed UK-university) to have one’s application documents edited or written. I contacted the organisation with my requirements for editing some application documents and writing a 1500-word research proposal. Even though their services were expensive, I placed my first order with them without thinking too much, and I am glad that I did so. Because of their professional academic writers and editors, I am a PhD student at the university of my choice now.

They edited my application documents (e.g. personal statement, CV) to perfection and wrote the research proposal in line with the university’s guidelines meticulously. The edited documents sounded clear, consistent and were free from errors related to spelling, typing and grammar throughout whereas the research proposal crafted by a senior lecturer was praised by the prospective supervisor for its originality, its claims regarding significant contributions to the existing body of knowledge and clear research questions.

I am really happy with top quality writing and editing services offered by UK-university teachers at ‘UK Dissertation Writers’ and would recommend their services to any PhD applicant who wants to get the content of their application right the very first time.

Anonymous Student, PhD Linguistics, The University of Manchester

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Review 2

Client Testimonial - Review 2 - UK Dissertation Writers

By God’s grace, I finished my PhD programme in Marketing at Monash University recently, and I would like to thank the professor at UK Dissertation Writers for helping me with various chapters of my PhD thesis from time-to-time.

I came to know about their services from one of my Melbourne-based friends after I had been cheated by another academic writing company that provided me with substandard work in return for a fairly large amount of money. With unclear research gap, unclear research questions, plagiarised literature review chapter and plenty of grammatical mistakes, ‘Introduction and Literature Review’ draft (provided to me by another writing company) of my PhD thesis was a complete mess.

Since the issues were major and I could not take any chance with the quality of my draft any longer, I chose to go for a professor at ‘UK Dissertation Writers’ to have my draft edited in line with supervisor’s feedback. Because of the extremely poor quality of the draft, the professor chose to re-write it to align the content with the requirements of my supervisor instead of simply editing it. I must say that the outcome was simply superb and I was praised by my supervisor for working on his feedback meticulously. Ever since then, I continued working with the professor up until I handed in my entire PhD thesis.

If your research area is focused on marketing, I would recommend UK Dissertation Writers to get any academic research issue (related to your PhD thesis) fixed.

Anonymous Student, PhD Marketing, Monash University

Review 3

Client Testimonial - Review 3 - UK Dissertation Writers

I contacted ‘UK Dissertation Writers’ when I was stuck at analysing quantitative data (obtained through a survey) to answer two out of three research questions for my PhD thesis focussed on self-directed learning for EFL students through the use of mobile devices. The price for the job was on the high side, but I was happy with the final results. So, no complaint! To save on money though, I chose to hire a senior lecturer with good command over statistics and SPSS.

To start with, Cronbach’s alpha test was run in SPSS to determine the reliability of the survey instrument whereas the validity of the instrument was checked through exploratory factor analysis (EFA) by the chosen senior lecturer. Moving on, Kaiser’s criterion, Cattell’s scree plot, parallel analysis, and Velicer’s Minimum Average Partial (MAP) test were implemented to determine the optimal number of factors that were to be retained in EFA.

Afterwards, descriptive statistics was used to summarise the factors related to self-directed learning.

Besides, inferential statistical analysis was carried out using ANOVA to investigate the relationship between independent variables (i.e. demographics) and dependent variables (i.e. factors related to self-directed learning) after the dataset had duly met the assumptions of independence of observations, normality and equality of variance.

To check on the normality, the collected data was run through skewness, kurtosis, the Sharpio-Wilk test, the quantile-quantile plot in SPSS whereas Levene’s test and the residual plot were used to investigate if the variance was constant/equal.

In the end, duly analysed quantitative data were presented using a number of tables, charts and graphs.

Another senior lecturer with expertise in qualitative data analysis helped me analyse the multi-modal journal data and interview data using NVivo to answer one of the three research questions. As part of the completed qualitative data analysis, I was provided with a codebook containing all the codes that emerged from the analysis along with a document containing observations, initial themes and limitations of the analysis.

Later on, I went on to seek their academic writing services to have my ‘Results’ and ‘Discussion’ chapters drafted as well.

I am very much thankful to the senior lecturers who helped me with my data analysis and academic writing needs. In case you are struggling with analysing the collected data (both quantitative and qualitative) or writing any chapter of your PhD thesis, this is the organisation you must use for any PhD research need you may have as long as you don’t mind paying a premium for quality.

Anonymous Student, PhD Applied Linguistics, Western Sydney University

Review 4

Client Testimonial - Review 4 - UK Dissertation Writers

All I have to say is: Amazing. Quality of the work done by the senior lecturer was beyond what I expected.

I was given a long list of feedback to address by my supervisor on ‘Results’ and ‘Discussion’ chapters of the PhD thesis. On recommendation of a friend of mine, I contacted UK Dissertation Writers. Frankly speaking, I was surprised to see their expensive price plan. But, trusting the recommendation of my friend, I assigned the job to edit my PhD thesis in line with my supervisor’s feedback to UK Dissertation Writers. I am confident enough to say that the senior lecturer chosen for my editing task did a perfect job. All the supervisor’s comments were duly addressed. I cannot thank the editor enough for helping me meet the requirements of my supervisor!

I am very happy with the results. UK Dissertation Writers will be seeing me in the future when I have to get my PhD thesis proofread before final submission.

Anonymous Student, PhD Occupational Therapy, Glasgow Caledonian University

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Review 5

Client Testimonial - Review 5 - UK Dissertation Writers

Final draft of my PhD thesis was duly proofread by UK Dissertation Writers. My proofreader was a native English speaker and he exceeded my expectations. The end result was a PhD thesis draft which was not only written in proper English but had much clearer content as well. They are willing to go beyond expectations when proofreading your PhD thesis and provide this service at a premium price in a reasonable time-frame. Without reservation, I can recommend their service to anyone looking for a proofreader.

Anonymous Student, PhD Education, University College London

Review 6

Client Testimonial - Review 6 - UK Dissertation Writers

Without UK Dissertation Writers, there is no chance I would have submitted my thesis on time. I wouldn’t have passed first time, either. My thesis was let down by poor academic English and lack of knowledge about statistics, so the money I spent was worth every penny. It was a great investment.

Anonymous Student, PhD Education, University of Pennsylvania (Penn GSE)

Review 7

Client Testimonial - Review 7 - UK Dissertation Writers

UK Dissertation Writers is a very good academic service provider that has helped me get such good marks. I would like to thank this organisation and its wonderful lecturer for helping me with my master’s dissertation.

Anonymous Student, MSc Management (International Business), University of Reading

Review 8

Client Testimonial - Review 8 - UK Dissertation Writers

This senior lecturer at UK Dissertation Writers was someone I cannot thank enough for helping me with my dissertation during my master’s. He chose a research topic for me in the field of consumer behaviour (something that I wanted to research on). Thereafter, he helped me draft a research proposal with clear research gap and research questions. Once the research proposal was approved by my supervisor, the senior lecturer carried out literature review in a critical manner. Then, he drafted a questionnaire for me and asked me to conduct pilot study. Based on the data collected as a result of pilot study, the survey was modified. Then, he went on to write the methodology chapter, engage in data analysis, draft ‘Results’, ‘Discussion’, ‘Conclusion’, ‘Introduction’ and ‘Abstract’ to finish the dissertation on time. In the end, the senior lecturer also helped me address the supervisor’s feedback on the final draft. I am so excited that I passed my master’s with merit. Hence, I would recommend UK Dissertation Writers on any given day.

Anonymous Student, MSc Marekting Management, University of Southampton
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