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If you are new to our website, you must be wondering why you should choose UK Dissertation Writers for your academic writing, editing and proofreading requirements.

Well, it is a fair question for any prospective client to ask. So, kindly allow us to walk you through some of the core strengths that give us an edge over our competitors and enable us to serve our clients’ academic requirements in the best possible manner.

Since 2013, ‘UK Dissertation Writers’ has been touted by its esteemed clientele for the following 3 reasons (i.e. DISTINGUISHED WRITERS, UNPARALLELED QUALITY and UNMATCHED PRIVACY) over and over, and we are positive that you would love us for these qualities of ours too.



Ours is the only website which enables you to get your PhD thesis or dissertation or any other research document written, edited and proofread in top-quality by the most qualified academic team consisting of native English-speaking academic writers, editors and proofreaders who also happen to be employed at various reputed UK-based universities in the capacity of Lecturers, Senior Lecturers and Professors.

Our professional and proficient team always delivers non-plagiarised and flawless academic research drafts meeting the highest academic standards in a timely manner. There is no other website which can match this exclusive advantage of ours.



While most of the other writing service providers are indulged in making money by cheating on students, we don’t do so because we do not need to. Our team is made up of UK-University Lecturers, Senior Lecturers and Professors who, being true academic professionals, provide top-quality academic writing, editing and proofreading services to international PhD students and other researchers in a timely and confidential manner in return for a premium price.

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Yes, our academic research services are definitely expensive. However, you get value for every penny that you spend hiring one of our highly qualified team members.

Please take a look at the following points that will give you an idea as to why PhD students and other researchers from across the globe choose UK Dissertation Writers over its counterparts:

  1. You get perfect English language in your academic research papers, meaning the final documents produced by us are always free from all errors related to typing, spelling, grammar and syntax.
  2. We use recent and authentic references from a wide range of well-recognised academic databases (e.g. Business Source Premier, Emerald, IBIS World, Nexis UK, Web of Knowledge etc.) for high-quality referencing that provides a great deal of authenticity to your academic research drafts.
  3. All the sources that are reviewed by our team when writing or editing your academic draft are duly cited and referenced, and this practice helps keep your final drafts free from plagiarism. Additionally, we, as part of our quality control, run final drafts through ‘PlagScan (a plagiarism checker)’ randomly in an attempt to provide you with plagiarism-free work.
  4. You get your work done on or before the agreed deadline. Never do we miss out on any promised deadline.
  5. Our final academic drafts meet all of your supervisor’s feedback, university guidelines and your specific instructions (shared with us in advance) in a meticulous manner.

So, if you want HIGH-QUALITY academic writing, editing and proofreading services for your PhD thesis or dissertation or any other research document, do contact us with your requirements now.

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This happens to be the 3rd reason because of which PhD students and other researchers choose UK Dissertation Writers.

We, at UK Dissertation Writers, take privacy and confidentiality of client information very seriously. Therefore, never do we disclose any information or detail of your order to any third party. However, we do not assume the responsibility for the content of any attachments and any personal information they may contain. Thus, please make sure to remove all personal details from all the files before you share those with us.

Also, we use cookies which you can view and control.

Additionally, we do not establish any contact over the phone with students as this step ensures that their identities are hidden all the time. Instead of telephonic conversations, we strictly stick to email communications, so as to keep our clients safe from unwanted troubles and provide them with the best experience possible.

By the way, have you checked out what our clients have to say about our services yet?

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